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IMPACT Exhibition Center, Bangkok, Thailand
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Asia Renewable Energy Expo 2018

6-8 September 2018
IMPACT Exhibition Center, Bangkok, Thailand

An International Exhibition on Renewable Energy, Technologies & Supplies

Asia Renewable Energy Expo 2018

6-8 September 2018
IMPACT Exhibition Center, Bangkok, Thailand

"Asia's Most Complete Renewable Energy Exhibition!"

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Featuring 4 Major Events

Solar Energy Asia 2018

An International Exhibition on Solar Power and Photovoltaic Equipment, Technologies & Supplies

Wind Energy Expo Asia 2018

An International Exhibition on Wind Energy Equipment, Technologies & Supplies

Hydropower Expo Asia 2018

An International Exhibition on Hydropower Energy Equipment, Technologies & Supplies

Bioenergy Expo Asia 2018

An International Exhibition on Bioenergy comprising of Biomass, Biogas and related Bioenergy technooogy and equipment.

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Asia Renewable Energy Expo 2018 is the only specialized Renewable Energy technology and equipment event that brings together an international congregation of Government and private renewable energy companies, suppliers and also its supporting industries gathered in Bangkok, Thailand to showcase the latest developments in the renewable energy industry in Asia.

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Highlights Of Asia Renewable Energy Expo 2018

o Networking Nite
o Renewable Energy Technology Seminars
o Renewable Energy Conferences

Facts Of Asia's Renewable Energy Industry

Renewable Targets in South East Asia

While coal, the most affordable but environmentally unfriendly fuel, continues to dominate the Asian power market (it fuels around 60% of Asia’s electricity), the growing interest in renewable energy is undeniable. This is reflected in the targets that many countries in the region have set. Like Europe, where the 2009 Renewable Energy Directive requires the EU to source 20% of its energy from renewable energy by 2020, many countries in South East Asia have set targets in the renewable energy sphere as well. In Indonesia, an ambitious target of 25% by 2025 has been set (referred to as "Vision 25/25"), in Thailand a similar target of 25% by 2021 is in place, while Vietnam has a more modest target of 5% by 2020. Malaysia’s target forms part of the National Renewable Energy Policy and Action Plan and is 11% by 2020, while the Philippines aims to triple its renewable energy usage by 2030 to 15,000MW.

Solar Energy Potential In South East Asia

With subsidy cuts, policy uncertainty and funding gaps characterizing Europe’s clean energy landscape, it is not surprising that interest in the Asian renewable market is growing. One area that is continuing to attract a lot of attention is solar energy. Indeed, Bloomberg recently reported that almost all new investments in clean energy in Thailand have been in solar power projects. This article will look at the changing regulatory landscape for commercial solar power projects in South East Asia and explore some of the key legal and regulatory challenges that may be encountered in this burgeoning market.

Renewables Set To Grow In Thailand

Another important motivation is Thailand’s increasing dependence on energy import, which is expected to grow from 42% (2013) to 78% (2040). The share of natural gas imports almost doubles due to declining domestic production and the high demand for power generation. To limit energy imports, the national power plan (AEDP 2015-2036) foresees that, by 2040, biomass shall have the largest share with 13% (11 GW), followed by PV with 9% (8 GW), wind with 6% (5 GW) and hydropower with 5% (4 GW).

Mekong Region Hydropower Potential

The potential of hydropower in the MRB is about 53,000 MW consisting of 23,000 MW in the Upper Mekong Basin (China) and 30,000 MW in Lower Mekong Basin (Lao PDR, Thailand, Cambodia and Viet Nam). Locations current and proposed hydropower projects are shown in the map. locations and current stage of the projects (26 projects are locate in the mainstream and the remaining 126 projects are in the tributaries). Thailand and Viet Nam have developed most of their potential tributaries sites. The mainstream of the LMB has a potential to produce over 13,000 MW of hydropower. Over the past few years, investors and developers mostly from China, Malaysia, Thailand and Viet Nam have submitted proposals for twelve hydropower projects for the LMB mainstream. Those proposals are among the largest and most significant developments ever considered by LMB countries in terms of benefits and risks

The Organizer

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Exhibit Profiles

CDM Infrastructure, Development, Carbon Emission Reduction
Solution Providers for Agro Industry, Biogas Digesters, Turbines, Blower, Storage, Gas Engines and Gas Cleaning Equipment
Combustion and Gasification, Turbines, Engines, Heat Exchangers, Generators and Gas Cleaning Equipment.
Smart Grid
Electronics and Embedded Systems, System Control, Automation, Information and Communication
Solar PV
Manufacturers of Modules and Inverters, PV Cells, Batteries and Electronic Meters
Solar Thermal
Storage Tank and Solar Collector, Piping, Solar Heat, Solar Water Heater, Application and System and Heat Exchangers
Waste to Energy (as a solution)
Combustion, Boilers, Turbines, Engines, Heat Exchangers, Gas Cleaning Equipment and Incinerators
Wind and Hydropower
Manufacturers of Power Business and Utilities, SPP and VSPP, Wind and Hydropower, Turbines, Electronic Controller as well as Construction and Commissioning Energy Efficient Appliances, Measurement and Control
Transportation and Alternative Fuels
Electric Vehicles and Infrastructure, Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Vehicles, Novel Hybrid Vehicles, Novel Battery Development, Charging Systems, Ethanol and Bio-diesel, Fuel Pricing, Tax Incentives, Low Carbon Transport for Transportation, Logistic Management
Energy Storage Technology
Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES), Fireless Locomotive, Flywheel Energy Storage, Gravitational Potential Energy (Device), Hydraulic Accumulator, Hydroelectric Energy Storage, Liquid Nitrogen, Pumped-Storage Hydroelectricity, Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage (SMES), Glycogen, Starch, Flow Battery, Rechargeable Battery, Ultra Battery, Brick Storage Heater, Cryogenic Liquid Air or Nitrogen, Eutectic System, Ice Storage, Molten Salt, Phase Change Material, Seasonal Thermal Energy Storage, Solar Pond, Steam Accumulator, Thermal Energy Storage (General), Hydrated Salts, Hydrogen Peroxide, Power to Gas, Vanadium Pentoxide

Visitor Profiles

  • Public and private power utilities
  • Independent power producers
  • Cogenerators / self generators
  • OEMs
  • Government agencies
  • Project developers
  • Environment agencies
  • Consultants and Engineers
  • Coal, oil and gas operating companies

Agro Industry, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Automotive Assemblers/ Automobile Assemblers/ Auto parts & Components, Contractor/ Sub-Contracting, Cosmetics, Chemical, Pharmaceutical & Medical, Engineering/ Consultant Services, Electrical & Electronic, Textile & Garment, Oil & Gas/ Chemical &Petrochemical, Pulp & Paper, Food and Animals' Feeds, Printing, Plastic & Rubber, Iron/Steel Metal/ Machine Manufacture, Sugar Mill

Power Generation, Small Independent Power Producers (SPP) and Very Small Independent Power Producers (VSPP)

Building & Construction, Home Owners, Hotels & Restaurants, Department Stores and Hospitals

Mayors, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and Related Government Agencies, Government Official

Transportation and Logistic

Cost Of participation

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  • Standard Shell Scheme (9sqm)
  • 350 USD Per Sqm
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Shell Scheme Package Includes:

  • 1 x 230V - Power Point
  • Needle Punch Carpet Flooring
  • White Laminated Plywood Panel
  • 2 x Fluorescent Tube
  • 2 x Upright Chair
  • 1 x Information Counter
  • Fascia Board With Company Name

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